Shivratri 2018

Om namo hiranyabahavey hiranyabaranaaya hiranyaroopaya ambika patayam uma pataye Pashupataye namo namah

Yishanasarva vidhyana Yishwarasarva Bhootanaam Brahmadipataye Bramhnodipate Brahma Shivone Ashtusada Shivoom

Tatpurushaya vidmahe vagvishudhaaya dhimahe Tano Shiva Prachodayate

Mahadevaaya Vidmahe Rudramoortaye Dhimahi Tanno Shiva Prachodayate

Namaste Astu Bhagwan Vishweshwaraya Mahadevaaya Trayambakaya Tripurantakaya Trikagni Kalaaya Kalagni Rudraya Nilakanthay Mrityunjayaya Sarveshwaraya Sadashivaya Shriman Mahadevaaya Namaha
Shriman Mahadevaaya Namaha

Shanti Shanti Shanti

shivratri 2018
shivratri 2018

May Lord Shiva bless us all and shower happiness upon each and everyone‘s family.



  1. Drinking milk is perfectly natural
  2. Milk is the only food that you can survive on wholly on, having every nutrient your body needs to live
  3. Milk has purifying properties and a milk cleanse is a great way to detox your body
  4. Milk not only feeds you, but also feeds the bacteria in your gut and many nutrients in milk act as prebiotics to keep your gut bacteria healthy
  5. People who drink more milk during formative years, grow taller
  6. Milk is the best recovery drink after a workout or other physical activity. The combination of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and other micronutrients makes milk the premier recovery drink, possibly even more effective than commercially available sports drinks at promoting recovery from strength and endurance exercise
  7. Milk is the most hydrating beverage
  8. Lactose Intolerance can be cured
  9. Milk is one of the most nutritionally dense food including protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, niacin as well as vitamins A, D and B12.

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